Bella Vista Krisecenter provides temporary shelter for women and children who are victims of domestic violence
You can call us anonymously 24/7 at 29 29 80 20. You can also ask someone from your network to contact us on your behalf.
You are allowed to stay in a women’s shelter even if you have not contacted the kommune or reported the violence to the police.
Your partner or others may have given you false information about your possibilities for staying in Denmark if you leave your husband. We will help you understand all the legal rules in Denmark – also with The Danish Immigration Service / Udlændingestyrelsen.
Your children will not be taken away from you because you move into a women’s shelter. Your children can stay with you during your stay.
No men are staying at Bella Vista Krisecenter – only women and children


In Denmark all physical violence is against the law, but so is psychological/emotional abuse and other forms of violence. Read more about the different forms of illegal abuse and violence in Denmark.

You can be subject to violence from your boyfriend/husband/ex-boyfriend/ex-husband or a family member. It is also against the law to hit children – it is violence; not just a part of the upbringing

NOTICE: You do not have to recognize all the below examples of violence to be a victim of violence. If in doubt call us anonymously at 29 29 80 20 and let’s have a talk

Physical violence can be a question of life or death. But physical violence also includes hitting, kicking, attempted strangulation, pushing someone into e.g. furniture, a wall or down the stairs, slapping someone with open hand, a fist or an object, or attacking someone with a knife or other weapon

Psychological/emotional abuse often shows as jealousy, direct or indirect threats and (social) control where you often end up changing your behavior to avoid outbursts of anger, namecalling or humiliation. Changed behavior includes to dress differently, cut contact to friends/family, stop sharing pictures on social media, stop attending social gatherings/parties at your job or study or “allowing” him to check your messages on social media. This kind of control is often invisible to others

Sexual abuse is to be directly or indirectly forced to a sexual act that you don’t want to. This includes both rape or performing other sexual acts that you are not comfortable with. And yes, sexual abuse is definitely possible in a relationship or marriage. You always own the right to you own body

Financial abuse means that your partner denies you access to money, has access to your account (but not vice versa), make you give him the money you’ve earned or creates debt in your name

Material destruction of e.g. furniture and personal belongings is also violence as its intention is to scare. The destruction of your clothes and private pictures also belongs in this category of violence

Stalking is a form of psychological/emotional abuse with unwanted and repeated experiences of being monitored, stalked or harassed. You may also experience threats, identity theft, hacking or economic exploitation

Children become innocent hostages in a home with violence. Contact us immediately if your child is beaten, shaken, threatened, punished, ignored or has witnessed violence against you. Let us help you to help them


If you fear for your life – grab your children and away! Run to the street or call 112 (the police) from e.g. the bathroom or any other locked room

You are free to contact any women’s shelter that you wish to stay at. You are allowed to live in a women’s shelter even if you have not contacted the kommune or reported the violence to the police. You can also ask someone from your network to contact us on your behalf.
If you’re in danger, you may not have time to pack anything. That’s OK – we will help you with clothing etc.

If you have time, it would be a good idea to pack the following items for your stay: